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Our Story

About Gemonay

Jewelry should come with bliss, not guilt.


Our Story

Gemonay was born when a few exceptional fine jewelry industry leaders with decades of experience came together to form a team. Our designers are not just professionals, they’re artists who create exquisite jewelry with a soul. Our biggest inspiration is communication with our clients. Over many years, we have learned the wants and needs of our clients, and each of our pieces is not only beautiful but also comfortable to wear. We believe in the power of love and that love should not be put on hold. Our jewelry offers you a one-of-a-kind love story, created by our world-class, passionate designers.


An engagement ring is the most important gift and is meant to last lifetime. At Gemonay, you will never compromise on quality!


Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

We at Gemonay provide you with a choice to be kind to Earth and pick our lab-grown, ethical, and environmentally conscious jewelry. Celebrate the exceptional moments of your life with our handcrafted, breathtaking pieces marrying unsurpassable quality and remarkably beautiful designs. Stay fabulous and fiery!